Our Trends Report 23-25

In our Trends in Business, Leadership and Learning Report we analyse the most relevant and emerging global issues in business and education.

Overtalk Sales Enablement

Would you like to know how large companies are improving their sales productivity through Sales Enablement?

Skills based Talent Management

Bye bye Talent Management, Welcome Competence Management?

Think you know all about Reskilling and Upskilling?

Reskilling and Upskilling is the main movement for the coming years related to the development of capabilities.

Optimising sales forces

What can we do from Human Resources and Learning to help the sales force in our companies?

Learn to sell more and better

Antonio Rubio, Managing Partner of R&D at Overlap and author of the book “Corporate Universities”, has offered a conference at Overlap México for more than 40 directors and managers from some of the most important companies in the country.