The passion we feel for our clients and their challenges motivates us to strive daily to add value to the projects we create as a team.



We love discovering new solutions, so, every day is different for us. We are tireless trend-seekers.

Our startup culture gives us the freedom to be disruptive and the courage to face changes with a smile.



The OVERLAP world is the ideal place to have fun, feel safe and valued.

A transparent and balanced world, open to collaboration. Everything will work out.

Working for a sustainable world
Working for a sustainable world

Our passion for people motivates us to support
a better world.

In which 3 areas do we contribute?


We participate in the Fundación Exit and Fundación Soñar Despierto’s Projects which help young people at risk of exclusion in their social and labour insertion, supporting them in achieving their dreams.


Through recycling policies and the use of eco-friendly materials, which we have developed in an Ecological Plan, in Overlap we protect the ecosystem to ensure a happier planet.


By collaborating with our customers, we have managed to develop people through learning to create a more sustainable and better world.

Our I+D+I team constantly investigates the latest trends within the business ecosystem that allow organizations to grow and have a positive impact on their country's economy.