Quality and Environmental Management

OVERLAP MARKETING AND TRAINING CONSULTANTS, SA, is a multinational consulting company that offers specialized solutions focused on the development of individuals through various HR tools. It has an Integrated Management System with the following certified services according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015, and UNE-EN ISO 27001 standards.



The board is aware of and committed to the quality of services, customer satisfaction, and environmental requirements of its activities. Therefore, the management establishes the following management principles:

  • Meeting the expectations of our customers and stakeholders in all aspects related to the performance of our activities and their potential environmental impact.
  • Using the system as a framework for establishing and reviewing quality and environmental goals, defined in the scope, as a basis for the continuous improvement of our activities to which the Management System is subjected.
  • Maintaining communication, both internally and with customers, suppliers, authorities, and other stakeholders, in all elements of the Management System.
  • Protecting the environment by minimizing significant negative impacts on the environment resulting from our services, while keeping these aspects within appropriate values to ensure quality and preserve the natural environment.
  • Complying with applicable legal requirements, commitments made to customers, and any regulations, internal standards, or guidelines to which the company adheres.
  • Evaluating and ensuring the technical competence of personnel and fostering their adequate motivation to participate in the continuous improvement of relevant company processes based on quality and environmental principles.
  • Ensuring the proper condition of facilities and appropriate equipment that align with the organization’s activities and objectives.
  • Conducting an analysis of indicators for each significant process, defining the actions to be taken based on the obtained and expected results in each specific case.

These principles are embraced by The Board, which ensures that the necessary resources are available for their fulfillment. They are documented and made publicly known through this Policy.

The approval of this Quality and Environmental Policy implies that all individuals and departments mentioned in the entire SIG documentation have the responsibility and obligation to carry out their assigned activities.

The Board