Coaching and Commercial Audit

This app will allow you to identify in the field the behaviours, systems and skills of the sales teams, developing fully customised action plans.

In addition, you will be able to analyse points of sale in order to detect new areas of opportunity in them.

Performance and Talent analysis

With this platform you will be able to develop multiple forms to measure competences, knowledge and skills in a personalised and customised way, with which you will achieve:

  • Conduct individual assessments
  • Have a snapshot of your team's current situation
  • Creating levers for development at individual or group level
  • Storing information to create predictive behavioural models

Indicator-based management

This online point-of-sale management solution for retail, auto, insurance, among others, allows:

  • Configure dashboards to analyse KPIs dynamically and flexibly
  • Improving the analysis of current dashboards
  • Predicting performance based on the evolution of KPI
  • Set up specific and dynamic action plans per outlet, region and globally

Experience platforms

To quickly implement your training and transformation projects, you can count on our learning platforms:

  • Dolphin is a versatile Learning Management System that is quick to install and can be integrated with other platforms.
  • With the XP platform, also available in APP, you will be able to generate learning experiences shared by all learners through personalised content. In addition, it will allow you to monitor your company's work processes by showing the activities that make them up and offering training tips.

Immersive Communication

Within Overlap Stream, you can find solutions that engage your teams in powerful video experiences, virtual spaces such as our LX ROOM, augmented reality, which allow you to train and communicate in real time and on a delayed basis.

Audiovisual contents

Overlap Stream also offers a factory of audio-visual tools so that you can build your own customised learning experience.