In 34 years, we have learned to be born in each project, constantly innovating to give our best to our clients.

Leading with the heart: the science of oxytocin behind great leaders

Are you planning to train your leaders?

What do you want to improve? Why train them? What skills do you need to develop in them? Read this article, it will help you decide in which areas to develop them.

This is how Buglum Reakt will help you

How can this app help you with your team’s business coaching?

Our Trends Report 23-25

In our Trends in Business, Leadership and Learning Report we analyse the most relevant and emerging global issues in business and education.

How can we help you with your business challenges?

Increasing your sales growth and customer loyalty with a deep understanding of the performance variables that impact directly on revenue and other key indicators:

  • Sales Excellence
  • Sales Academies
  • Omnichannel Customer Experience
  • Data Based Selling

Bringing to life your Transformation Strategies by projects focused on:

  • Cultural Change
  • Leadership and New ways of working
  • Upskilling and Reskilling

Providing state of the art Talent Development solutions aiming to improve:

  • Learning Strategy
  • Learner Experience
  • Transformation of Learning Departments
Overlap DNA

Tailored solutions for our customers that enhance their competitive advantage to have:

Impact on KPI

Always focused on achieving results.


We incorporate our technology to facilitate change.

Speed and Agility

Optimizing time to reach implementation.

Data Driven

We are guided by precision and rigor.

In which industries are we specialized?

We have helped over 300 companies successfully implement their Business and Transformation Strategies

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