Evolution of the post sales business models in the Mexican truck industry


According to Pedro Ferro, Vice-president of the tractotrucks division of Meritor:

“Is not a secret, that nowadays the average age of the heavy trucks is way higher than what it used to be a few years ago, increasing in 9 or 10 years more in service».

This obviously means that the demand of several spare parts, specially from engines, will continue to increase while the companies with large fleets will still maintain some of the old units in their inventory instead of replacing them.

The previous makes reference to a market strategy from the assemblers, that has to be oriented to improve and impulse the logistic of parts. Where the availability and the speed in the delivery are indicators of performance.

However, which factors should be considered in a situation like the one described previously

  • The growth of the non-official brands in the market of parts and accessories. This with the vision of providing a quick solution and having an accessible cost in line with the needs of the sector.
  • A significant increase in the volume of purchases of autopieces through electronic means in specialized or non-  specialized webpages.
  • The increase in commercial options for parts, where second and third owners of heavy vehicles rely on them due to lower costs and performance criteria, this way the operation costs are reduced.
  • Finally, the continuous development of manufactured components, were the main advantages include reduction in the cost, reliable quality and warranty in a national standard.


The above establishes that the OEMs has to be focused in 4 major guidelines to boost growth and competitiveness of their brands:


  • Electronic measuring and telemetry: As time goes on more vehicles are equipped and monitored through electric systems of diagnose, seeking to improve operative efficiency and anticipate possible problems.
  • Minimize the time of inactivity: Continuously analyze the demand for pieces per client so that way you can anticipate to market’s necessity. The time to repair a truck should be limited and the time in the service area should be no longer than 72h from the moment of arrival.
  • Impulse the external sails of pieces to independent workshops and companies of pieces, with aggressive offers in high rotation pieces; compensating the decrease of margin through volume.
  • A higher demand of training: This factor is essential, so that dealers and storage centers of parts are able to maintain a standard of attention and quality of service to meet the demands and overcome the client’s expectations.


Globally, the transport industry is boosted by a solid growth during a long period of time, due to the economic development and growth worldwide.

Also the different brands should prepare the path they want to follow; considering the changes that the transport market demands.

According to PRNewswire, those companies that know how to adapt adequately and quickly, will maintain or increase their participation in a global market equivalent to 100,000 million dollars.

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