Why my sales network is more effective than yours?


ESADE has presented the study on the effectiveness of own sales forces in Spain, which involved 125 companies from different sectors which has drawn a compendium of good practices. Teachers of the business school  presented the study that have arisen answers to the following questions: What are the management levers that have a greater impact on business effectiveness? Do we prioritize in our company? What are some of the best practices that companies are implementing?

Today, some companies are growing at a rate that reaches 20%. The study focused on those with the best results to try to show what they do “different” in two specific areas: business management and sales process.

The study identified 26 management drivers: 11 in the sales process and 15 in network management. The 5 key levers are properly compensated, knowledge of the offer, commitment, new customers and organization. It is noticeable that in these companies control lever does not go as key not recognize the remote is contributing.

Several strategies have been developed focusing on the people, including:
– Plans talent development: a zone managers and team leaders.
– Leadership and development of commercial equipment: self-knowledge, classroom training sessions and field coaching.
– Compensation: shorten the calculation and payment of variable differentiated conditions for better support variable.

As compensation, the top half of companies combine 3 Qualitative and 2 quantitative meters. The quantitative are sales, margin and customer retention. From the qualitative, the main management customer relationship.

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