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What you must know every leader, Manager and human resources

3 secrets to be considered by the leaders, managers and directors of human resources:

Firstly, the enrichment of work: one the most valuable contributions of psychologist Frederick Herzberg to the psychology of the work was to discover that far more effective than money, bonuses, or a comfortable desk chair it is professional development, personal growth, recognition and realization, and of course, if the financial resources are directed to these factors rather than be part of costly incentive programs will be companies at the top of success.

Secondly, the skills are more important than intelligence or titles: McClelland showed how the ‘powers’ of people are more predictive of their future performance in the processes of personnel selection that simply ask for superficial as obtained, jobs made titles or previous experience aspects. Competencies are in the deepest part of our personality but rigennuestros habits, motives and values.

Finally, get more than what reward: Skinner proposed his theory of operant conditioning that explains the acquisition of certain behaviors in humans, that applied to the work environment you need to know that the person will tend to repeat behaviors that generate you reward, and not that the boss believed to be rewarded. In addition certain rewards are ‘horribly’ used, for example: If you want your group to work together but still recognize the employee of the month for their individual performance, it is when we say that there is a ‘divorce’ between reward and intension, the wisest therefore is review what we are rewarding?.

The development of the human factor and talent management are the key column. Leaders in the company have a double job: the first being by which are paid: dealing with inventory, planning procedures, reports, numbers, etc; and the second which is not something that is included in his salary: make people “work” and if this happens not all the technical aspect is minimized, so the prime importance in which professional in administration, management, human resources, etc has tools of human behavior, since people are better promoted and achieved best results have the intelligence and capacity to work properly with others. It is there where is the big difference, since there are not only spare time barriers, but also interpersonal skills e.g. limiting a correct solution of conflicts, establishing a motivated environment, assertive communication, etc.

Follow a simple plan with the application of the right with the help of Overlap techniques will allow you to get the difference in the results obtained. “Persons not achieved success correcting weaknesses, but enhancing our strengths”

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