What to do and what not in mobile learning


Mobile learning is a trend. Here you have some considerations to take into account before launching a mobile learning initiative.

1. Just in place training. The learning process may be conducted from anywhere in the job performance.

2. An application is not the same as surfing the web. Learning develops from that environment with features specifically designed for this purpose.

3. Define what is a tablet, if a large, mobile or a small computer to adapt the content to use that we believe will have the device. You have to know which device will develop learning and how it will be used to optimize the results.

4. The phone is part of blended learning. Normally the mobile application will be part of a complete training itinerary.

5. There will always be problems with integration. We will have to anticipate and manage potential problems adjusting to this new medium.

Some of these ideas were expressed by Jennifer Benson and Matt Plass, in his talk Let’s talk mobile: six conversations you need to Have Before Your next mobile initiative at the ASTD 2012.

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