ULearning and Solomo, Elearning main trends for the coming months

We reproduce here the interview with Eva Astorga, International Manager of Production and Implementation of Online Solutions in Overlap, made for AEFOL.

P. Why a historian has ended in the world of e-learning?

R. Training has always been in my personal and professional interests. Each time I have had the opportunity and the challenge of getting in front of someone (a person or group) to convey something, I tried to find different methods to make the message come and learn for them. At University I started working at a video game company and then jumped to another development of multimedia CDs (those sold in kiosks on colorful themes, along with a computer magazine that also we edited) was an enriching experience because being a small company thoroughly i learned graphic design, programming, multimedia editing, but also scripting, content design, comprehensive project management, etc..My interest after a few years focused on making the jump to the Web but somehow tied to follow training. A company like Overlap, elearning pioneered back in 1999 gave me the opportunity I was looking in this direction.

P. How do you see the current situation of implementation of social networks in the Spanish companies?

R. Social networks represent a change in the way we communicate and share. Companies are aware of their potential interest and the benefits it brings to be in them. But not enough to be, not even have a marketing strategy designed or positioning in social networks, but the biggest challenge is to promote and achieve cultural change within organizations. Overcome this resistance to change and that employees involved in them means that the company makes a correct knowledge management, information flows and the sharing of experiences and best practices, the open management is a real option that promotes transparency and the free exchange of opinions. Ensure that each employee is the best Community Manager of your company: therein lies the challenge.

P. You travel a lot in Latin America, is it really that market opportunity for companies of Spain?

R. It is one of the many options that anyone concerned and confident in his talent should always keep in mind. My personal opinion is that in Spain there is some resistance to mobility, which costs leaving home or the workplace, family and friends. Travel, have the opportunity to live another culture, to be in businesses where things do otherwise is tremendously rewarding. There must be people in business light read.

P. Is there much difference between Latin American and Spanish companies in the sector of e-learning?

R. People learn in different styles, it depends on the time in our life or our specific need. Age, gender, socio-cultural, literacy digital media from which you access the training solution are some of the many conditions that influence what is demanded and what is offered by both. And of course also influences the evolution of training solutions (do not want to restrict them to “elearning”) in each country. But you can not generalize, some companies keep repeating methodological models of 15 years ago (and succeed) and others are in a degree of sophistication of the tremendous solution, combining cutting-edge technologies and methodologies absolutely. And, of course, which requires each client is different.

P. What, in your opinion, are the main trends in the field of e-learning to keep in mind in the coming months?

R. Can be summarized in the combination of ubiquitous learning and the concept of Solomo for the new distance learning paradigms, in which the contents are:
– Social: collaborative and through social media / corporate and Tools 2.0
– Local: solving the user’s need at the time you need: while working, when you need to know where there is a gas station nearby or what time a movie project … In this regard would like EPSS, electronic tools performance support.
– And mobile, ubiquitous, across different devices (computers, tablets, smartphones …) and to display on/offline.

P. What advice would you give to the young people who would take jobs in the field of e-learning?

R. Increasing the training concept in general, the key is to have a geek point and always seeing what’s out there: in social networks, where competitors in the market, what are the trends. Self-training is the key in this and any other employment or motivation. Apart from promoting Overlap with frequent employment initiatives. I would tell the young people who put this link in your favorites http://www.overlap.net/paginas/unete-a-nosotros and not stop following new promotions through Twitter @Overlapnet_EN

P. You were speaker in Bogotá EXPOELEARNING, what did you think about the Congress?

Especially rewarding for the exchange of views and informal discussions. View and compare always the best way to judge self and others.

About Eva Astorga:

“Within Overlap, conducted the online Management Solutions International, assisting in all phases of the process from the needs assessment to the development, implementation and monitoring. I own an experience of over 12 years in the design and implementation of technology solutions for HR training and development in its various forms (blended learning, collaborative

Currently Overlap contributed within the following areas:

· Implement and develop the model online Soluctions Business International Office. This has helped me to enrich my knowledge of online solutions market in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Spain, and to exploit synergies between the different sites that make up an international company with Overlap

· Undertake dialogue with management profiles/managers within and outside the company, firsthand understanding their needs, interests and helping to turn them into training solutions.

· Collaborate and contribute to achieving the objectives set by the Overlap, taking into account the interests of different stakeholders

· Carry out various activities such as visits, presentations and demonstrations, including proposal development, collaboration in the preparation of tenders and supervision of the same in the technological, methodological, didactic and functional.

· To promote the brand image of Overlap internationally in relation to online solutions, either through social networks like in person, participating in events of international relevance.

· Lead, direct and manage projects elearning / blended / 2.0, promoting the design and development of innovative solutions (products and services) and internationalization “.

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