Towards a new model in the media sector

In recent years the media sector has experienced major changes, driven primarily by factors that have evolved the overall market: developments and technological culture, which has changed the consumer habits, and economic crisis, where advertising spending has been reduced by 40%.
So, the major groups of communication must be addressed to achieve change that challenges their organizations adapt to the new economic situation, the needs of the advertiser and redefine the model of relationship with your client – agency. For this, commercial structures should be targeted to the sale of global solutions comprising communication strategies of the major advertisers and being able to advise beyond intermediation.
In this regard, we must ask ourselves the following questions: Is it consistent sales model based on support and not on the poster?, will the sales networks able to make a sale of value to the advertiser?, is the relationship model with the major media agencies to channel 85% of ad spending is based on a relationship partner?, who brings the value to the advertiser, agency or media groups?
The successful sales model developed by the media based on sales performance has ended, but are we prepared to go to the customer and the advertiser with an overview of your business?
The new challenge is to implement efficient sales models, the market, advertisers and customers will demand it of us and possibly the only possible strategy to reverse the current trend of business results. Sales of these models will be discussed in a future post …



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