The storm of Chaos and of the Opportunity

In 2012 the department Automotive Overlap launches Trends report. The automotive sector has been mired in a storm of chaos globally and being especially sensitive to the crisis, has been forced to a profound transformation. Under this premise, to analyze where the sector is transformed and on consideration of 35 trends are in this Trends Report Overlap Automotive 7 that we consider key to the sector.

1. – Sales Process 2.0: fishing in rivers scrambled. A recent study presented at the NADA 2012 fixed an increase in ratio the closing of a client that has Internet contacted by between 15% and 20%

2. – Manage your online reputation. Seven out of ten Spanish go to search engines to know of its intention to purchase

3. – New Paradigm Business Process. Customers are becoming more aware of the products and services you can offer a brand, and therefore demand a greater choice in their buying process.

4. – The after-sales, business hub. In a changing environment like the present, and a dynamic market with the automobile, how we consolidate our dealer networks? Three pillars: satisfaction, fidelity and profitability with a common denominator: The aftersales area.

5. – 100% Absorption. The consistent trend towards reduced profit margins with better informed customers, and stronger competition has forced the dealer networks to make greater investments in capital and technology. But, how do we get the right ROI for survival and capillary networks that need a brand?

6. Generation Y: A future present already

            In Spain, 6,830,507 people of Generation Y are of driving age.

            A high percentage have capacity to buy a car.

            Their values ​​and customs to buy are different

7. Knob as guardian. If we analyze the behavior of commercial equipment in the concessions have changed very little in the last ten years, so we presume that the team knows what to do. But who has to sell concessions finds that knows not reach the potential customer. You may be trained in how to treat customers coming, but not how to get to that next.

Under each of these captions there innovative reflection that causes us to see the sector from a prism or already a reality, or soon to will be, but in any case, change the way you see the business and makes the storm chaos can become an opportunity.

Between sources of Study will find the quintessential American international forum NADA, who attended two of our managers in its issue of Vegas in 2012. This year the celebration will be in Orlando (Florida), and which will also be present Overlap.

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