The latest technology, impossed on the commercial management


Many companies are working on incorporating technology to support the management of routes or portfolios of clients, particularly those that handle more than 250 sellers, such as channels for Hostelry and Impulse.Not surprisingly, Overlap is working with some of their clients in this exciting challenge, with many qualitative benefits:

– Detract delegation working time (bureaucracy and displacement)

– Allows maintenance current census of outlets associated with the segmentation

– Geographical location of customers to design routes.

– Provide real-time updates of orders, stocks, special actions, current promotions, etc..

– Show the portfolio is constantly updated with better graphic display

– Provide the ability to display simulations of promotional gifts, decorations, displays with strong visual impact …

– Facilitate the review and monitoring of the management. Rapports, analysis and action plans

But the success of implementing this technology lies in learning to manage change in making it and how to work with sales teams to achieve the necessary commitment to this new way of working. As noted in a previous post, identify people that facilitate this process, anticipate barriers to manage, establish the strategy of working with resistant, operating environments, appropriate communication and key messages of different positions of the company, defining the role of command and prepare it to be the guarantor of this change are key elements in this transition. Only then we can guarantee us that technology will not have been an expense rather than an investment.

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