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The employee´s life cycle. A tool for the employer

Do you know what is the most important influence of a new manager who is perched at a command post for the first time? No, not the courses we give, or management skills that the company claims to have, or even what you look for internet wisely. It is much closer: includes influences and personalities of those bosses that he has had. That is usually a carbon copy of its predecessors, taking the good, or at least what he meant by good, each of them, or what he has positively impacted.

If we add to this that most leadership programs come to talk about the “whys” (“You have to be a persuasive leader, Democrat, inspiring coach, ….”) but not focus so much on the “hows” because we find that we will need to telephone the previous boss for advice, sometimes unpaid, because now the former head coach became certified.

Thank God for that you have created the perfect replacement for former head coach demands of the script, called “The Employee´s life cycle”, which is neither more nor less than the manager reference guide to “act in the hows “daily.

As living beings, we are born, grow, reproduce and die, employees also go through a cycle:

  • They are selected, integrated into the organization, organized, measured in performance, offset, motivated, developed, and if something goes wrong, unrelated.

Only here, although the employee’s own cycle, the leader is the manager the baton over and over again. And it has to do not only what their free will given to understand, but as the company sets. And the truth is that if the company creates these processes adapted to its peculiarities, Mission and HR policies, is getting reinforce your brand as an employer because it guarantees to its employees who are on a serious site.

So each of the phases of The Employee´s Life Cycle we have seen must integrate:

  • The description of each process, the behaviors that the manager has to apply and possible alterations which must have (objections collaborator, etc.), the management of the process associated tools (eg performance evaluation)
  • An example of action or, better yet, social simulators each process.
  • The communication guide for the manager. That is how you should approach each collaborator process from the beginning, to avoid misunderstandings.
  • A detailed breakdown of the tools in.

Of course you could also tell me that there are companies that have some of these processes already documented. Yes, yes, but, and there are several buts that as a consultant I have lived:

The first is that sometimes they are not matched. Let each of you look like your father and mother. Things are repeated, sometimes differently, eg “feedback” in the process performance and in the development process. Which do you prefer?

Other times there is no consistency with the skills and behaviors “unwanted”. I remember one time that was spoken in the powers of the good leader is the one who listens to the employee and immediately when you check the evaluation process, it is that makes the head by computer and send it by mail to this and that if this seems right, because that which is over and evaluation. And if you think wrong? Well, send it directly to human resources. Great!

To say the soft case, which is that it creates a process and the implementation is to send a lot of files on your computer or intranet sign. What Change Management? What about the training? Nothing short hours it two comets in charge … Ah, well …

Again thank God, the new technologies have solved some of these “small problems”, creating communities that allow continuous feedback to questions by virtualizing comoflipping book content with tools that are fun, enjoyable, that incorporate videos and simulators, while you are a content repository.

And with all that, got that managers create an identical culture in the organization, which is the best way to grow and avoid inequalities.

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