The dealers in Brazil increased more rapidly than sales

The number of dealers in Brazil in 2011 grew 12%. This increase has a direct impact on brand value for the customer. But this increase (up to 4,300 points of sale) does not correspond exactly with the market growth, which was 2.9% (3.42 million vehicle sales). On that basis, the average of sales each distribution point fell by 8.5%.

A study of AutoAnálise (see picture) shows the evolution of the average sales per store of each brand. In the study, firms are classified into four segments based on market segment that compete: large, medium-volume, luxury and newcomers (brands that have hit the market over the past 5 years). AutoAnálise stresses that the ability to generate sales for each dealer is critical to the brand value.

grfico_ventasAmong large companies, General Motors was the champion of the ranking followed by Fiat. The turnover of dealers of both brands is above average. Striking advance on FORD Renault and Nissan, which went on to Peugeot. The medium-volume segment was led by Toyota. The average turnover index jumped 16.5 points dealership. Instead, Hyundai and Honda had a relapse.

Among luxury brands, the biggest movement was Land Rover, which went from being the fourth in the ranking of billing generation dealer to the second position, while BMW fell. In the group of newcomers, Jac Motors was established with a new sales level ensuring a number of sales per dealership higher than the segment average. The Chinese brand is represented in Brazil by a large automotive group, called SHC. JAC surprised the market, to start the operation with the opening of 90 dealers simultaneously across the country.

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