Selling today and tomorrow

In an increasingly competitive world, with greater demands and most challenging objectives, it is necessary to have a very clear strategy to be implemented, especially in the world of sales. Look to the client has won the tug of war over the upscale look to the business and results. Brands put emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer experience, here the sales staff is a key and differential factor for such an experience.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a force trained, up to date sales and with the knowledge needed to serve the customer correctly and make that you living an exceptional moment during the whole process of purchase. To achieve this reality, brands have chosen different methodologies, from programs of training and certification programs and quality programmes; always with a single focus: the relationship with the customer.

The world has changed significantly over the past decades, the devices of communication, internet, social networks, information to the fingertips for each one of us at the desired time. This has changed the form action, buy and live all our customers. But what has happened with our sales processes? What has happened with our sales force?

Many times, when we look at the processes of sales, they continue to be similar to the of 20 years ago. When we carry out a survey on the sales force, we see that many people are sellers with a great antiquity, which carried the same courses over the past decade and continue selling just as they did when they began. With which the next question arises, are we ready for the current client?, and for the future?

There are brands that started to question about those sales with infinite thread processes, and have started to summarize and put focus on the real needs and expectations of the customer. You can see processes of 10-, 11-, or 12 stages, which have been modified to 5 or 6, where relevance and customer experience are the focus. At the same time, training programmes are being modified to programs where tools are provided in order to achieve the expected change in the performance of the sales force. Sellers need to be updated in terms of expertise, market, technology, are faced with a client who already has a lot of information and often knows more than the own seller. Blogs, forums, communities are a source of information and misinformation for the customer. How can we cope with this new reality and join our sales force?

A profound change in the way to deal with the present and the future is required, we need to analyze our business model, create a model where the sales and after-sales perform synergy on the customer experience, identify the key moments where you can make a difference real perception of the client and exploit them to the fullest, and work especially the life cycle of the customer without forgetting that we must not only sell you but we must make.


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