Sales Academies: how to maximize the sales force

Nowadays companies are facing increasingly demanding customers, that know the characteristics of products and services on the market. This is making companies to claim an excellent sales force that possesses the required expertise in the sector and business skills aimed at customizing the solutions offered, with a greater focus on customer advice and brand loyalty. In this context, Sales Academies are set up as one of the most appropriate response to new market requirements.

Today, this concept of training and development is making a clear trend in Europe and the U.S., although in Spain is emerging. However, some companies are being formed in our country as a reference in the design and implementation of Sales Academies.

The Sales Academies overcome the traditional model of training courses referred to isolated and standardized sales and also go beyond mere training programs that bring together various business courses over a temporary period. These Academies comprise a comprehensive development plan, individualized, and also manage to link this plan to the needs of the company’s business and processes and working procedures of the Organization.

This is achieved by internal knowledge management through the identification of best practices sales business model based on internal and customer expectations. It allow also incorporate new features and improvement needs just in time, in the daily work of employees. At the same time, company employees are covered their development needs, to receive training specific to your area of ​​work that allows them to advance their career.

Finally, Sales Academies acquire a strategic business character linked to objetives, and can lead the commercial knowledge management in enterprises and become places of research and development of sales models of the company.

In the next post I will discuss the procedure of these Sales Academies in its implementation and development.

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