Redefinition of the “learning strategy”

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Redefinition of the “learning strategy”

Position the learning and knowledge ambit as a strategic lever in the organization which helps to answer questions such as:

– Is the learning and knowledge area a partner who gives us focus and actively helps to make things to happen?
– Does the learning area promote the objectives achievements and a high impact on business results?
– How do people improve their day to day performance through training?

The “learning strategy” redefinition responds to the company’s strategic plan and generates a “Road Map” easy to measure in terms of indicators…

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 The redefinition of “The Learning Strategy” positions the learning and knowledge ambit as a strategic lever in the organization.

The “learning strategy” constitutes the learning style of every organization, denoting respect to others.

Responds to the company’s strategic plan and sets the learning direction or focus and does not ascribe to a thrust of detailed activities.

The training and development area (T&D) evolves from the training to learning. The Learning and Knowledge area (L&K):

• Anticipates to the needs of the company, has a proactive vision and a leadership profile.

• Drives the organizational change, facilitating the learning resources and shifts the responsibility for change to the individual and to the team.

The dimensions to be defined in the “learning strategy” are the following:

1. Vision
2. Contents and people involved in the learning
3.Learning model
4. Learning responsibility
5. Detection of multilevel needs

The tools for transformation:

1. “Road Map” for the transformation project
2. Communication and marketing plan,
3. Change management elements

Oracle is a company that has already carried out the redefinition of the “learning strategy”. The proposed solution from training and development was to redefine the learning strategy towards a model of continuous learning.

You can download and complete the following trend infographics

Antonio Rubio, Director of R+D+i of Overlap, explains in the video below this trend:



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