“A global picture of the Training and Development” in Brazil


Overlap, with ASTD and ABTD, has organized the event “A global picture of the Training and Development”, which was held in Brazil recently. About 100 people attended the event, which focused on portraying the trends that are shaping the evolution in the field of Training and Development.

Iñigo Sánchez Cabezudo, manager of International Relations in ASTD, opened the conference by presenting the indicators of your organization’s annual survey, conducted from financial data and provide training to many companies. From the data provided, notes that in 2013 the market for training and development investments will be increased by 15%, both in Europe and in America. Also, the time spent training in the templates grow by 8%. Perspective is therefore optimistic, although a bit slow crisis evolution. Sanchez-Cabezudo invited the audience to the next edition of ASTD’s annual meeting, to be held in Dallas in 2013.

After the representative of the ASTD turn came Alberto S. Roitman, Overlap Business manager in Brazil, who gave an overview of the trends identified by the company. One of the most interesting ideas was the transformation of the concept of collective training to individual training.

Another focus of interest in the paper was the u-Learning (or training ubiquitous), and other trends such leaders as teachers, leading millennials, etc.

Finally, Professor Marisa Eboli, University of Sao Paulo, who spoke on Corporate Education drew attention to the need to invest in education to skip the HR blackout currently affecting Brazil. Eboli also discussed the situation of corporate education in the country, currently face by 72%.

The meeting ended with the draw of 5 copies of Corporate University, authored Antonio Rubio, managing partner of R & D + i in Overlap.

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