Power to the people (II) or the power of Open Source

 Recently sparked a major controversy in Spain due to the high budget (nearly half a million euros) invested in developing the new Web of the Senate, given the current climate of cuts and crisis severely affecting many sectors of our economy. And now we read in press that in just one week and with no cost, an engineer under the pseudonym Tijuinem created a functional clone of the new Senate Web.

How is it possible that in such a short time and has been achieved without cost the same?

The answer is summed up in two words: Open Source. The software developer uses as powerful as MySQL, Apache or PHP (the popular LAMP), that equal or even exceed the performance of commercial software, and describes it in detail in the following report open for improvement.

In line with this news story … we might ask is the Open Source alternative and future stable compared to other license-based systems? What is the level of implementation of these applications “constructivist” in our country?

In a recent report of the observatory CENATIC  we can highlight:

· In Spain, 14.3% of companies have made technological innovation activities in 2010.

· 13.7% of Spanish companies has engaged in technological innovation has used free software solutions for the process of innovation and has created innovative products that free software is a part.

· The 6.70% of Spanish companies has engaged in technological innovation has used free software R & D activities.

· 40% of ICT sector companies engaged in technological innovation that uses or contains free software, specifically, 30% has been involved in R & D, while the remaining 10% have used free software in other innovation activities.

What do you think? What is your experience within the business?

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