Power closure of sales knowing the body language of your customer

They say that oratory is the most important part for any negotiator, but experts say that the body speaks and we must learn to interpret it.

The non-verbal communication experts say that the best tool for a negotiator to close a sale is their way of speaking and his image; However, this should be added that to promote the previous two, first we need to know the language of our bodies, because it expresses, and long.

The best way to sell and negotiate is to learn how to develop emotional intelligence. Any seller or trader should know how to close a deal, which the customer accepts. But here is not enough “the talk”, but is a very important factor body language that has to do with what my body says of my person: safety, temperance, the quiet, the pressure, everything is manifested through body language.

Know and interpret the body language of our clients gives us a substantial advantage against those who do not, if personal messages are ignored wasted useful information that will help us to focus correctly a negotiation or commercial presentation.However, knowledge of body language is not enough to have a reading. The secret is to know interpret: each gesture, movement or gesture will depend on the circumstances in which the negotiation, the context is carried out in which to unfold and the reaction of our customer once the message has been given. It is not enough to know the meaning of body language, the essence of success is to know how to interpret it.

Tips for having a successful body language:

 Body language helps you to recognize how you feel and how can express you your client through your body.

 Body language symbolizes the level of attention is given to the customer.

 Body language symbolizes in level of empathy that you manage to connect with the customer. “The most important sales is emanate or make you feel the other person that is not selling him.”

Another factor to take into account is the place where the negotiation takes place, this can give you an advantage or disadvantage, depending on where you are. In response, two major sales scenarios are developed directly and indirectly.

Recommendations for enhancing your body when negotiating language:

Controls your thinking. The phone call is the first approach to your customer, and on many occasions the only. To start with the right foot, the first thing you have to do is to control your feelings. While it is a concern to think in a negative, remember that using emotional intelligence, you can enhance your presence, your speech and your body language.

The sale made as if you were with your client. Security, knowledge and empathy are States that are also transmitted by phone. Make sure that your body language is as if you introduce front with the person, this will help to project a confident voice and security.

Stand. Talking business standing, not only help to give us security, is also a way to control the tone of voice with which it is spoken. The stand frees strain the vocal cords, causing the voice to be heard more forcefully.

Avoids the stiffness of your body. When you are tense or nervous, your body tends to appose is rigid, this emanates through your voice, avoids that your customer knows it.

Smiles. Experts say there is no better way to start a sale that smiling when you saludes, be sure that your client realizes when you do. Remember that a good smile is transmitted even by phone.

Evaluates your client. You have to know how to interpret the tone of voice of your customer, any seller or an expert negotiator knows when the sale is going astray. If this is the case, try to talk about a topic of interest that has to do with the purpose of sale, this will help break the stress or tension.

Don’t get angry. If making a sale or negotiating effective person-to-person it is complicated, the sale by phone is even more. Avoid anger if the customer does not have time to listen to you or if its response is not the expected. Remember that seller who gets angry, loses.

Takes care of your body language. Avoid making the call with the feet or arms crossed, this sense of negativity and disbelief. Don’t talk in a stooped position, this may weaken your voice and emanate insecurity. Avoid moving the feet or legs since they symbolize nervousness.

If you hear any objections. The first thing you do is get standing, this will help to give more emotion to your speech, might help you to capture their attention.


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