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Personal Branding: My confession, disenchantment, opinion, conclusion and proposal

My confession:
I want to confess that to write this post on personal branding, the first thing I’ve done is go to the net to read everything I searched about the subject in question. I read in blogs, articles of different sites, I’ve seen videos and of course, I went to Wikipedia.

My conclusion:
In conclusion, you’ve got to work this concept of personal branding, you have to set you targets, create interesting content and, finally, to position yourself in a space that give you visibility, normally somewhere on the internet. I have no other be frank and recognize that, when talking about these terms about personal branding, sounds to more of the same, nothing new… Lame any book marketing of my bookshelf, I notice the most spoiled, the most widely used, that my father there used the 1970s when I was in college and PAM!, to create a brand… the same song: set goals, builds a content, choose as you position yourself.

It is true that the network changes everything, it is true that to have notoriety you must move around the network like a fish in water, it is true that network offers you global visibility… but my question is this: in a few years, when 90% of the population is in the network positioning your personal brand, then do we make a difference?

My opinion:
Indeed, generate content on the Web, about a subject that interests you, position yourself, offer your expertise in a professional manner is, in the coming years, a minimum to compete, yes it is not today. Who is cLaoherente with what you do, say, display or generates, will stay outside. Who is not there; those who are not, has fewer options than when listen you to knock on the door. And this will transform you into a “brand” serious, professional and standard, but you will not make the difference. Then… What is that you make a difference as a Personal “brand”?

What sets us apart now… Our “way of being”, the way in which we interact with others, how we express ourselves through non-verbal communication, our State of mind, the ability to drop us and back us up, the attitude necessary to demand more and more and not be to abandon complacency, the ability to make you feel better to the people surrounding us, the ability to become better professionals to our collaborators, the ability to positively influence our heads, the ability to adapt to changing times, different people or new technologies… In short our attitude.

My disappointment:
Just about the personal attitude almost nothing found to read about “Personal Branding”, a concept of which I am a firm believer.

My proposal:
If you wish, in the next post, we’ll talk about the qualities that people who possess a special attitude, these people have in common that we all know and believe that having a “Personal branding” distinctive and winning.

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