Overlap, speaker at Electric Power Training Summit in Shenzhen (China)

The managing partner of Overlap, Juan Ruiz del Portal, gave a presentation at the Electric Power Training Summit in Shenzhen (China). An event in which have taken part more than a hundred professional in training and development of the electricity sector of the Asian giant, large companies such as China Mobile, China State Grid (China State Grid), GE China, etc…

The outline of the speeches of the event focused on the development of training models, the impact of Mobile Learning and measuring the impact of training.

The organization of the event, responsibility of Wunding Chinese consultancy, wanted to have the presence of Overlap as expert speaker after seeing the company at the annual American Association for Training and Development (ASTD). So, Juan Ruiz del Portal has shared with attendees at Shenzen experiences on the development of model training and gas utilities and real examples of measuring the impact of training in the sector, both commercial and management programs.

The event has grown from 18 to 19 January in the city of Shenzhen, nearly 9 million people in southeast China.

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