Objective: To improve the analytical capacity of sales networks


The early stages of a sales process, prospecting and customer segmentation, and activity planning are, according to the findings of a recent debate in the Sales Academies Linkedin group, those where it is more important to make an effort to improve the analytical capacity of sales networks.


In order to put on the improvement of business management results, we did a survey to assess at what stage our experts believed was necessary to work with the sales teams. Thus, in the early stages where teams are furthest from the customer is where less information is used and where it takes place in a less stringent: both prospecting and customer segmentation and business planning, as in the preparation of the visits, sales teams must work harder to get better final results.

According to the assessments made, it seems clear that it is in the early stages of business management where more rigorous analysis is required information. Abraham Lincoln said: “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I would employ 7 sharpening the ax” This is precisely what is missing. I also believe that valuations are focused in these early stages because if more information was used in them, the latter stages of the business process would be more efficient. Therefore, the use of rigorous analysis of information from the beginning improves overall process.

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