NADA 2013, a demonstration on how to do things right.

Once again, Overlap attended and participated in an essential event within the International Automotive Industry. This gave the company the chance to socialize with dealers (mainly American), exhibitors and different companies, who presented new innovations to attendees without holding back any details.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo 2013 was held from February 8th to 11th in Orlando, Florida. The convention was a very positive experience, where we were able to see a good example of organization, deployment, attitude and desire to show, promote and sell.

The presentations, workshops and trainings that we had the opportunity to attend all varied greatly. Some companies offered attractive themes and interesting content; others went into great detail explaining their strategic visions for dealers; and others lowered the strategic aspect so far, that it allowed others to develop new ideas that can be shared with colleagues and clients. However, there are areas that can still be improved upon. Some of the presentations at the conference provided the audience with very simple and basic information; however, for those who attended the presentations, local dealers were always well represented.

The topics that were presented this year were also significantly diverse. A majority centered on a debate focused on the acquisition and retention of customers using effective communication strategies. Other common topics included Internet strategies and the use of effective management for all levels of the organization.

NADA 2013 was a stimulating experience, which will allow us to expand the vision of our business, better understand what happens in other markets (the conference was not geared to the US market alone) and further develop current business trends. The next step we will take is to begin thinking about new solutions that provide more value to our clients.

As a teaser for the trends that we will develop, we will be posting a link this week where you will find the interview we conducted with the president of Faconauto, Jaume Roura i Calls, and Javier Ulacia director of the Auto Division for Cetelem.

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