More #Sales pìlls


We leave here a new collection of Sales pills that we launch daily from Twitter. Most are made by the managing partner of Marketing in Overlap, Andres Ríos. We already gave a first batch of ideas: Are you in the business and marketing world? Attentive to our hashtag of #Sales on Twitter.


  • Sale-relation is to customize all your solutions for the client at all times.
  • If someone does not sell due to lack of confidence, why send him to receive a sales course? Impulse and influence of his boss.
  • If the customer accepts your offer in the negotiation quickly, it is desirable that you review and prepare the negotiations.
  • Whenever you give in to a negotiation has to be for something. You don´t value what it doesn´t cost.
  • In a negotiation preparation must think what assignments are valuable to the other negotiator and little to you.
  • In negotiation often can you say NO. So you believe the other negotiator. Arguments used to defend your No.
  • Base your trading to understand the interests of each party. The interests are in the union’s, in the positions the conflict.
  • Get out of your office. Your customers do not come looking and not live in your office reception. (Idea of Kevin Robins)
  • Criticize never before customer competition.
  • Find inspirational consumers of your company. Invite them to eat and know their views.
  • Do not enter into negotiations abruptly. Before trading, generate passion for what you’re selling.
  • Does your sales team uses the corporate CRM and gets results daily? Or fall into analysis paralysis?
  • In the first sales call must follow a protocol that help clients understand what we sell and order q need.
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