Mobile devices: the new classroom in corporate training

Mobile phones and tablets take center stage and become the most relevant trend in learning in the workplace for the period 2012-2014. This is one of the main conclusions of the Trends Report that the R + D + i department of Overlap Consulting develops a biannual basis.

The rapid technological development and the paradigm shift that is placing the economic situation in many companies when considering their development plans and commercial training, are setting the standard of what will be the trends in the near future.

Mobile learning: the mobile device is emerging as the new classroom in the workplace training. Mobile phones and tablets will be increasingly the platforms so that students can learn, interact and experience with the acquired knowledge. And a step further, the very nature of the devices is causing you to rethink how to provide content to users.

– Learning in organizations will arise according to the matrix Investment-Impact. The cost efficiency is aligned with the effectiveness of the results and the true transformation is to create value.

– Generation Y (the milennials) already has successor: Generation AO (Always Online). There must have been born after the milennials, this is one of the people who spend 100% of their time connected to the web. Generations will no longer be classified by their date of birth, but by virtual features.

– The figure of the Leader Seductive as a leader who inspires and teaches at the same time, but has a charisma that attracts so high. Its qualities are addressed with different techniques to get the employee is always motivated.

– From learning to elearning, and now the UBL: Uniquely Blended Learning: Using a wide range of tools and approaches to promote an enabling environment for performance on the job.

Marketing of learning: the growing importance of building a brand the training process. This requires having clear principles, mission and standards of learning have a logo to communicate the different development paths, externally and internally.

The Department of Research, Development and Innovation in Overlap is finalizing the development of the Trends Report 2012-2014. Both customers through their experiences as various events such as the ASTD (recently held in Denver, USA) and elsewhere contribute to this report

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