Liberty Seguros proposes an improved strategic alliance of companies


We reproduce an article published in that echoes the project of Liberty Seguros for improving the strategic alignment of organizations and the comments of our colleague Teresa Cayón, who is the expert assigned by Overlap to this project.

Bogota. October 2010. In order to ensure sustainability over time and adapt to the changing environment and market needs, Liberty Seguros presented its “Plan of Choice for companies affiliated with the ARP” program. Human Recourses and occupational Health Managers had the opportunity to learn about new trends in strategic alignment in organizations that will allow them to have sufficient tools to support business strategies.

The speaker, María Teresa Cayón, BA in Philology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, was the expert who presented the issue to the guests.

“For a company to develop a culture towards prevention and security, it is desirable to know the different behavioral approaches and to support the business strategies. Through different STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT tools, better results and changes will be obtained from the individuals leading different business areas within an organization”, explains Roberto Sierra Manotas, Manager of ARP Liberty.

“That’s why recognizing that there are new programs and advances in technology, we can build experiences that allow for permanent changes in adult learning, making the Human Management areas to support stronger business units from different companies”, she added.

“In the coming years the Human Management areas will have to become strategic advisors of the business areas. They will become from staff managers to partners, promoting the development of workers to achieve their effective involvement in the results”, added Cayón.

“Increasingly, technologies will allow for improvement the relations, the interaction, the exchange of knowledge within the company so that people can have quick answers to their professional needs. The improvement in communication systems and the management of internal knowledge will facilitate the recognition of experts who can provide value to the organization”, she added.

Technology 2.0

One of the new aids for the companies is to maximize the use of the Technology 2.0. Dr. Teresa Cayón considers that it is an issue still to be developed in our country.

“Probably as in other countries, there is a long way to go before all the people, of different ages and technological experiences, can take and integrate their Technologies 2.0 in their work habits. There is much work to be done”, she said.

“This use entails promoting the change from the companies’ management and human management areas regarding their responsibility for staff training. We may have the best technology and may not have the people ready to embrace the change. It is therefore important to manage this conceptual change implied by the Technologies 2.0 in the company. We must communicate and involve to achieve a change in attitude and aptitude in people who are not yet ready to assume it”, she explained.

“Liberty” is very interested in the ongoing update in human management areas; that’s why it is concerned about the latest trends are known. Occupational risk prevention is a task in which the companies, Liberty and the workers themselves, are involved. If the companies that work with Liberty adopt successful human management trends, this will also affect how the occupational risk prevention culture is faced. These trends apply to all the needs of the professionals in the organization. It can be worked on the awareness and risk prevention training as it has always been done or these new trends and technologies may be implemented for the prevention work to be more effective”, said Dr. Sierra Manotas.

Teresa Cayón García holds a BA in Philology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She has developed her professional career in various human management consulting firms such as Ernst & Young Consultores and Capgemini for more than twelve years. She was responsible for Training and Development in SIA Sistemas Informáticos. For the last three years she has been Human Resources Development Projects Manager in Overlap Consultores. She belongs to Overlap’s I+D+i team, which prepares the Biannual report on Training and Development Trends.

The lectures were given in Bogota, Cali, Medellín, Bucaramanga, Cartagena and Barranquilla.



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