Let’s make people more efficient and productive with EPSS

Please welcome to a special wordsearch of learning and productivity: EPSS. What lies behind these four letters?

The EPSS or Electronic Performance Support System are performance support tools that seek to respond to the needs of professionals in their jobs, impact on performance and thus contribute to improve results.

They are great allies in the different moments in which people and businesses need help; help when needed:

1. Learn something for the first time and do it quickly.
2. Be more expert at something.
3. Apply to the reality of the workstation.
4. Solve problems.
5. Addressing changes.

Because EPSS:

• Allow online access and just in time, when and where needed.
• Available, accessible via media / electronic channels.
• Provides information, guidance, advice, assistance, resources that solve situations with minimal performance of others.
• Provides just enough training, information and support for an employee to resolve situations since optimum performance.
• They are structured to provide immediate and individualized help.

A “Ferrari” can accelerate the efficiency / productivity, implementation and change. You dare to “drive” / apply?


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