Less visitors but more sales in the Used Vehicle Show 2012


More than 43,500 people attended the Used Vehicle Show which was held these days in Madrid. Although the number of visitors is 7% lower than in 2011, sales figures have grown by 20% to 1610 units sold compared to 1335, 2011. The increased space has been one reason, because this year has increased from 3 to 4 blocks.

New brands and purchases have also become more attractive to the public the show. In contrast, some suggest that the hall has been long in recent years and is sad about the influx during the week, in fact this year we tried to encourage one of the weekdays with free day on Tuesday with a success relative.

Marks policies against the purchases are increasingly separated by a thinner line. There is a great quality in the Hall, as the rules and legislation is (or so it seems) to 100%.

Hence, all brands (premium and general) as Volvo, BMW and Peugeot, improved through the specific programs of VO (Used vehicle) Selekt for Volvo, BMW or Used BPS for Peugeot Lion. These are programs that have become their own brands with promise and possibility of return if not satisfied, the revision of the VO in more than 100 or 150 points and certification by independent company vehicle and others, perhaps this is one reason rational purchase is more fashionable lately among individual customers, and that trust is fully in the product offerings and brands, and have a considerable saving of money.

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