Improve the positioning of the sector, one of the main challenges for the banking


Banking Forum held in Barcelona we have brought together representatives of some major financial companies. A meeting that we have focused on the solutions that can be offered from the areas of business and human resources to improve the positioning of companies in the sector.

Faced challenges and regain customer confidence, manage change and facilitate the integration of new networks assuming its diversity, solutions are needed to ensure uniformity in the performance of all professionals working under one teaches, without losing customer focus trying to ensure efficiency results from the first moment and maintaining ethics in labor relations.

Thus, there are some premises from which we must begin to initiate this change of position:

1. Retrieve and evaluate the “job” of Banks, as professionals who add value and provide advice to their clients.
2. Enhancing Skills People Management and Teamwork at the controls.
3. Develop work processes and results-conceived from and to improve the customer experience.
4. Improve Performance and Practicality of Formative Solutions
.5. Emotional Sale develop competitive advantage.

The sector has become the focus of attention, and those who have the possibility (or, let’s talk more clearly, the responsibility) to promote projects or levers that directly affect the daily behavior of network professionals (commercial / business, Organization, HR, etc.). are facing the challenge of getting not miss the boat industry, which today has at least these 4 cars: efficient results, customer focus, management and public image internal diversity.

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