How to lead persons not agree with the values ​​of the company

The other day I was visiting a customer when they made a comment that made me think. The comment was: “We are teaching people basic values​​, when they had to come with them incorporated the house.”

This simple phrase led me to the following conclusion: the companies are like our home. When we marry and form a family trying to live with values ​​and principles that ensure the harmony and balance of the family. When these values ​​or principles are lost or worn, the family suffers and destructures.

In the company is the same. We need to have values ​​and principles as a guide, we guarantee good coexistence, healthy relationships, we ensure the equilibrium and let the company grow without focus on conflicts that only limited the advance entrepreneurial as well as personal.

The loss of these values ​​in modern society is affecting businesses. Values ​​such as justice, ethics, humility, common sense and communication have to be reviewed in organizations.

The leaders have a great challenge ahead, in addition to focusing on results, must deal with the lack of these values ​​in their teams and this creates conflicts. Did you have employees who will lie? Or hiding information and not transparent? Or that overstated the detriment of the rest of the team?

What to do in these situations? We must be firm and clear in our messages. Do not let these attitudes overlap being fast and endeavoring to correct principles. These values ​​are the foundation of our area, our company. If we are guardians thereof deconstruct our area and family suffer as mentioned above.

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