Acoso y derribo al no cliente

Harassment and demolition Not Customer

In times in which supply exceeds demand many paradigms of classical management are called into question.

In recent years have gone from lead / work in companies that the main problem was to manage the “fires” caused by organizational growth and business to address / work in companies where the market and the demand is reduced every year.

In this market situation the most companies agree the potential client or non-client. When companies fall into the account to their regular customers, who are called “business partners”,decreases your demand, decrease their budgets or even disappear, the first reaction is always the same: TO THE NEW CUSTOMER. Usually make macro meetings with all commercial equipment, take out listings of databases, a quick deal and come to SELL!

I wonder: the companies that in recent years have based their turnover in customer/partner, do have the necessary muscle and the right talent to get “support” its turnover through the sustainable increase in new customer?

I tell you a personal story. A few months ago we got a view with a prospect that, to date, had never worked with us after two hours of conversation, our prospective purchaser made a comment that we take it as a compliment.

“Lately, every day I have tail of consultants offer their services to me and you know what?, most, after the questions of rigor and the formalities of the day, just talking, talking, talking and telling me everything you make and that they do so and almost always, they end up going without that I have told you nothing. Why – ongoing – I wanted to say that I have felt comfortable talking with you, why I have heard, has desired me to tell you our needs”. 

Then, at times running, what can companies do to improve its ability to grow in new customer?

Two options:

A-“Burst” prices, solution short-sighted just subtracting more than sum.
B- The sale by confidence.
Medium and long term solution.
With respect to the sale by confidence is all said, however, it is a fact that there is a long way to go.

Well, here are some thoughts:

1. The first reflection is directed to directors or business managers. A plan to increase the share of new customer, always has to have a look in the medium term and establish a plan of action (resources, time and objectives) in this regard. The main enemy of collective action to get new clients is impatience, is just using the same measuring stick actions with new customer, customers who do not know you or that just years ago that non-customers that regular customers work side by side with and trust us. MISTAKE. Trust wins and takes his time.

2. Having the right talent. They do not always converge in a single individual talent to maintain and develop business in a client with the ability to “seduce” a new customer. The ability to open market makes certain skills capital, from our point of view two above all:

I. I never get bored. Understanding that today “decision-makers” in the companies, as we noted earlier, receive hundreds of potential suppliers, therefore not bored. The humans what usually us get more bored is to listen to another, repeating the same. Listen, listen, listen and has something different.
II. Grueling (ability to work). There is no other, confront a new customer requires insistence, patience and ability to overcome the NO.

3. We must pass sale meetings with clients to the “conversations” with customers. We distrust people who don’t listen to us, to talk to listen to. To facilitate the conversation there to ask.

4. Prepare your team 20 questions before each visit to a potential customer

5. Works in the client’s home. Create proposals or offer of value together. Why not build the proposal together with the customer is your office, side by side? Or why not work the project entirely in the client’s home?

6. Promotes innovation in your company. It is important to have new things to say.

7. Call customer to “not sell you anything”, to tell things “free of charge” to add value without thinking of him.









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