First day of Expoelearning Bogotá: connectivity, mobility and 2.0

The first day of Expoelearning left us great lines of experts and a full day of networking and business in the Sheraton Hotel in Bogota. The inaugural session of the most important Elearning Congress of Central America has wanted to stress the importance of networking and coordination as pillars of improving education in all its forms. Connectivity, mobility and 2.0 were among the most cited concepts of the day.

Overlap team (pictured: Andrea Lozano, Luis Rodriguez, Eva Astorga, Ravi Purswani, Sol Maria Lopez) has taken the time to learn and, of course, to do networking with the large audience. One of the visitors to our stand was the Deputy Minister of ICT of Colombia, María Carolina Hoyos, who came to know the activity of Overlap.

Of everything we learned, here you have the quotes we liked most of the day:

“A nation is as good as is its education system” “A man should only look down on another to help him up” Carlos Alberto Dias Rodrigues, AEFOL Award 2012

“Reusable Learning is gaining experience in the future” “If education does not work to live, then no good” Christian Sosa, president of Kairos Cluster

“The results of the companies depend on the performance of people and for this they need knowledge to learn” Javier Aldanondo, Manager of Knowledge Management in Catenaria and director of Knoco

“Facebook has over 850 million users, making it the third ‘country’ of the world population,” “Young people under 25 do not watch because they do not understand devices that only have a role” Laura Rosillo, consultant and trainer Web 2.0 and social networking

“In the era of brevity infoxication suffer. There is so much information that the art is knowing how to manage” Adrián Peláez, a consultant on digital strategies – Digital Cities, and political career high 2.0

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