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Evolution of the business and social environment and impact learning

We are in an environment in evolution and it is necessary to know the impact that can have on learning organizations.

More and more, big companies training departments arise how impact the value chain of the Organization, which means that they will question the strategy developed to add value to the business units that provide their service. For this reason, the development or evolution of your “Learning Strategy” is considered as a key element in this environment of change/evolution.

With this approach, some reflections on the business environment that I want to share with you:

How will be our customers…?:
The level of knowledge of the clients will be higher, resulting from the access to information.
The segmentation will be generational criteria.

How is the value of the companies offering?:
An extension of the product into a service post will have sales and customer service.
High level of customization.A style of selling much more personalized.

How are the channels of distribution and communication with the market?:
Social networks are still in an important position.
Contact and service will be more direct with the client.

What and how will be the resources they need in enterprises?:
Will be important to identify and enhance the talent and expertise.
A collaboration closer between client – company – employed.
The management of people and distributed, multicultural leadership and diverse.
We must promote knowledge management from the point of view of the collaborative.

Key activities are going to be?
Simplification of processes to facilitate customer activity.
Fusion between client processes and those of the company as a basis for the client/company loyalty.

Ultimately, increasingly we find the need that training departments raised a learning strategy, (Learnig Strategy) that impact on programs and elements of learning and development, to provide the response to the needs of the market, becoming a determinant element in the value chain of the organization.

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