Efficient implementation of business strategies in Consumer and Retail

Executives of manufacturing and distribution have recently attended a conference in which Javier Santolaya, Area Manager Consumer & Retail in Overlap, has addressed the efficient implementation strategy of a business model in the areas of Consumer and Retail.

The starting points that developed on the talk were:

1. Structure of a business model that develops marketing strategy
2. Variables reviews to work for effective implementation with the sales team: implementation strategy
3. The leadership role as guarantor of the implementation and development of their teams

The business model is a route to market, consisting of the consumer/customer, the dealer and manufacturer. This route involves changes in the organization as the basis of market segmentation affects topics, sales team structure and positions in the organization, agencies, portfolios, routes, frequency of visits, allocating customers to manage, schedule, rapports… Based on this, the organization conducts development or re-engineer processes and design tools that will facilitate the implementation.

In recent times we have seen changes ranging from the focus of the Sales Force on value-added tasks, mainly planning, management advice and distributor, to minimize/prevent activities focus on routine daily visit to the dealer or enhance the role of the support functions to define the frameworks, advising decision line and provide balance between the short and long term.

Implementing the business model requires a coordinated strategy that takes into account each of the phases of the performance wheel that we work with in Overlap. A strategy that takes into account all stages of the value chain, ranging from performance objectives, the management or performance measurement. In this process plays a vital role the manager, through training.performance_wheel

The leader must ensure the commitment of his team and should also encourage development for an efficient implementation that minimizes the time to market. The tool used for this is the training which works motivation, performance improvement and problem solving. Something achieved through knowledge of the people and individual and team leadership.

In Overlap the control is defined as the work of “a continuum of support and assistance, in which the command works with his partner in his job and personally, in order to implement the Model Business Processes, developing staff and professionally to their employees and thereby enabling them to achieve their assigned objectives”.

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