satisfaccion del cliente

Customer satisfaction vs profitability

In many brands we always find these two objectives that are pursued and that at first glance seem to be conflicting. How we can increase customer satisfaction and profitability at the same time? The first answer that comes up is: impossible, is not feasible in a market where increasingly the customer is more demanding and is requiring greater service, value-added, etc. is really impossible? When we see economic numbers from the companies in general can find that companies with very good results in general have very good satisfaction rates, would this be?.  The most logical answer is that customers who feel that they have been heard, that they check that their needs have been met, they are aware that what you have bought will meet your expectations; These are customers who continue buying, not only that, but they also recommend among his circle more closely, are our main source of advertising at what cost? A good service.

However, on many occasions, our main source to achieve the customer’s satisfaction is the discount, give something extra, but do you really do this? To surprise the customer? Still we continue thinking that giving a bouquet of flowers to a lady, a keychain or a bottle of wine, champagne, etc to a client when you purchase a vehicle is to surprise you. Unfortunately, these “gifts, gifts” which sometime surprised customer and did the steps of sale where we were wrong or had small mishaps to be diluted, today are no longer sufficient. Customers are waiting and demand increasingly better service, regarding someone who can advise or advise, they are desperately looking for someone to trust. Who will become this person, with their products, sales consultants, responsible for after sales, will be who make a difference. The price will be one variable within any business relationship, but will not be the defining variable, in an area where customers have again suffered disappointment in the purchase of a vehicle, or major product, confidence is the key.

In markets where competition is increasingly more aggressive, where increasingly coexist more brands, there are several ways to differentiate themselves, some companies have opted for the price as the main variable, others have generated a portfolio of increasingly wider product innovations continuously or looking for the way to differentiate itself through a service, such as for example the incorporation of play stations in the post sale, establishment of a meeting point so that guests can relax and enjoy a drink, etc. But there is a point of contact for all these companies, namely that all are developing a program to improve customer satisfaction. Terminals invested a lot of money on programs for the satisfaction of customers, standards, surveys, quality, etc. And why?

Because a customer who is satisfied does not question the price, a customer who is satisfied will buy again, we will recommend a customer who is satisfied, a customer who is satisfied is long-term profitability.

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