Corporate Universities in Peru HR Assoc

Luis Rodriguez, regional director of Overlap for Peru, Argentina and Colombia has offered a conference about Corporate Universities at an event organized by the Peruvian Association of Human Resources, APERHU. Throughout the conference, which was held on November 29, Luis Rodriguez responded to three fundamental questions: Why Corporate Universities arise, what is a corporate university and what are the components needed to create a Corporate University.

Some of the fundamental ideas that Rodriguez launched were:

– Corporate universities are emerging as an evolution of the training department into a strategic umbrella for developing employees, customers and suppliers of the organization.

– The Corporate University is a tool for implementing the company’s strategy and should be designed to improve the performance of both individual and organization, ensuring that learning and knowledge are directly connected with the strategy and business objectives.

luis_rodriguez_en_aperhuThe conference delved into all the necessary components that must have a corporate university to be considered as such and referred to specific examples of corporate universities in which Overlap has worked with its design and development.

It was attended by about 100 people responsible for all HR divisions of large companies from Peru, demonstrating the interest of companies to meet the growing need for talent. Attended by representatives of all the major companies in the telecommunications, finance, energy consumption, and mining, which also had a significant representation in the conference.luis_rodrguez

The country’s sustained strong growth in recent years and good future prospects instruments require retaining and attracting talent, the Corporate University is the best instrument to retain and attract the talent that companies need to address are their growth plans.

More information about Corporate Universities:

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