Continuous Innovation: Overlap offers its Trends Report

True to its research-based trajectory, Overlap presented its sixth bi-annual Trends in Learning and Development Report 2013 – 2015, organized into four categories according to their area of application:

– Business Knowledge
– Leadership
– Commercial
– Learning and Development

The report was prepared by the R&D&I department of Overlap and led by Antonio Rubio Paster (Partner).

These materials have been considered a source of study by:

– International forums: ASTD, Technoknowledge
– Client “Best Practices”
– Innovative projects with strategic partners of Overlap: EDEN, Dechert-Hampe and SYMLOG

You can find a summary of each trend in the “I + D + I” section of our website.

The development of each trend will be published on beginning on April 2nd. Each trend will be available for viewing and reference for two weeks. Users will find links to websites, videos, studies and content development.

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