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Challenges in the Insurance Sector: customer retention and management of casualties

The Insurance Sector, a historical reference of the Spanish economy, has strengthened its position of importance due to its capacity to support better than the rest of associated sectors, the fall in the volume of business.

However, he doesn’t have to have before it a number of challenges directly related to the management of the business and organizational management.

The most important is, without doubt, halt the slide of the average premium. Low pressure for price due to various circumstances generated by the current economic situation, in addition other circumstances of a nature more psychologists or cultural, have led to the exponential increase of customers who come in contact with the companies to reduce guarantees, apply discounts or cause directly.

Models, systematic and commercial protocols defined and implanted before the crisis were “low management” and customer retention how something anecdotal, so have largely been outdated.

Currently, the majority of commercial managed to a customer who wants to reduce their links totally or partially opt directly by offering a discount, a situation that leads to two alternatives:

• The bad. The customer does not accept the discount and causes low.

• The least bad. The customer accepts the discount, resulting in a drop in the profitability of the portfolio. In addition, we planted in him and in his personal environment, the seed of the “subastero” client.

What you can do then?

The business model should include an effective customer retention and Protocol for this, business processes, tools, controls, System objectives and incentives and training must be adjusted to generate the appropriate circumstances that allow managers of customers take the following steps (in later publications will develop):

1. Detection of ‘real life’ needs in terms of decoupling

2. Defense and argumentation of the contracted product

3 Settings of warranties and coverages

4. Type of policy adjustment

5. Placement of payments

6. And finally, discount shopping

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