Car sales and closing the deal

We are witnessing a market timing within the automotive industry that can be described as difficult, hostile and “extremely competitive.”

Undoubtedly, the economic situation faced by the country, along with the confidence crisis and socio-political concerns all institutions endure whilstturning into a growing weariness among citizens, makes such a sensitive sector as the automotive seem especially pervious.

This impetuous and “unprecedented” scenario in Spain´s recent Car history should provoke reflection amongst the major performers who have a representative role in the business. In particular, beyond those command leaders and strongholds who decree the sector´s strategies, and are immersed in finding competent solutions, the car salesman figure becomes the greatest exponent of the”street level” business opportunity generation, a “battlefield” that has become part of the dealer´s day-to-day.

The Sales Representative is a significant figure with incalculable influence and is able and should take advantage of the given situation to generate excitement and buzz in the car buyer prospect, that is the real focus on which all manufacturers project all their efforts.

However, and paradoxically to the given situation, the shopping experiences we encounter daily at dealerships is far from the professional ideology quoted. Thus, with few exceptions, presently customers don’t have it easy to find a Salesman who can generate confidence and spark the interest they need to make the purchase final decision.

We notice a certain lack of tact, fear of losing the transaction, insecurity, sales chaos and unstructuredness, even questionable “surprising” business practices to persuade the customer (“finance part of the sale, I’m interested, and I can afford to make a deeper discount. Then, if you want, you can cancel the transaction”). All against quality standards, from all industryareas are advocated as successful sale buffers.

Now we have to be aggressive, yes, but understanding the “aggressiveness” concept well. It is about not considering lost a single operation. Always trying to close the sale. And if we can not close the sale (in 99% of the cases the customer does not formalize a car order on the first visit), we try to create a new contact in the shortest time possible.

There are and will always be excuses for this: do a test drive, provide in-depth information on a specific model, present a comparative study with other cars, acknowledge financing conditions, meet customer feedback, request new referrals, etc…

Agreement, commitment, ultimately closing. The purpose is to obtain a revenue from every meeting we have with the customer, much is invested to catch them (both in terms of professional efforts as well as strictly economic investment in marketing) to let them “get away” just like that.

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