Business Strategies in a Complex Environment

The current economic recession situation in all the Spanish economic sectors is simply accelerating trends that had already begun to occur in the market for marketing and distribution of mass consumption products in Spain

Difficulties in increasing the prices of the products after increases in previous years, increase in the presence on the shelves and in the shopping card of the Distribution Brand (MDD), product launches in the introduction of references on the shelves, rationalization of assortments, emergence of new distribution formats, are some of the areas of greatest conflict between the operators in this market, which have been strengthened by the recession situation in which we have entered.

It is true that each of the parties concerned must defend its position and assert its strengths and this is reflected in strengthening the brand, product or flag and, consequently, the company’s future viability is ensured.

But it is also true that in a market where 70% of the decisions are made at the point of sales, the confrontational stances are not conducive to the definition of more or less innovative solutions to meet the challenges posed by the market. Therefore, in times such as the current one the cooperation is even more necessary to design strategies and action plan that allow us to better meet the consumer’s needs and achieve the sales and profits required by our organizations

This situation also occurred in foreign markets, such as the American, and the initiatives undertaken have helped address the difficulties encountered and strengthen the performance and positioning of the companies that have implemented them

There are three strategies that will provide winning results to the operators of the retailing market:

  • Excellence in Sales and Implementation
  • Price and Promotional Activity
  • Shopper Marketing.

We will go into the details of each of them in the following posts.


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