Business Strategies in a Complex Environment: Shopper Marketing

The Shopper Marketing approach entails a more advanced stage than that of Trade Marketing and enables: to influence the buyer’s behavior at the point of sale, improve the manufacturer-distributor relations working toward a common goal and build “brand equity”.

1. Using more sophisticated information and tolls to test a wider range of options

From the moment the distributor assumes the role of manufacturer and the consumer recognizes the value of this role by providing confidence and safety to the brand, it will be rewarded with an increased market share.

To study the buyer’s and not only the consumer’s behavior and to invest money in this can provide significant benefits to the market players.

To perform virtual simulations, model behaviors and transfer them not only to known distribution formats but also to those which are on the rise, to help make decisions in critical areas such as product launches (another source of dispute), design of custom messages for specific consumer/buyer segments, collateral marketing at the point of sale and “cross category merchandising”.

2. To understand the business and focus on results for both parties.

To focus the partnership objectives to grow the category by increasing the frequency of purchase, to grow in sales in a certain segment of buyers, to grow the share within the category or market, to strengthen the brand (manufacturer and distributor) while achieving sales results and market benefits in the short term.

To cooperate in these kinds of developments is to share more information from both parties, to interact more often with the other party, to share openly promotional schedules, to participate more fully in the promotional strategy of our partner and to include the distributor’s input in the manufacturer’s development and innovation processes.

The strategies discussed focus on the buyer and their premise is the manufacturer – distributor cooperation. The Shopper Marketing approach is the one that should be developed more to meet the real needs of each segment of buyers and find out what items and at what times they are willing to pay more for what we offer.


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