Breakfast with trends: uLearning in Colombia and Peru

eLearning, sLearning, mLearning, 2.0, bLearning, interactive TV… In recent years and months have seen happen acronyms and concepts attempting to specify how users learned through technologies, methodologies and channels available at all times.

With over 30 years of experience in training and development of people, in Overlap we set an ambitious yet simple challenge: Why insist in specify concepts when user everything is transparent? Why not focus on getting attractive and practical experience for people?

With this challenge was born the new quarterly magazine “Training Trends” we see and live in our environment, in the hands of customers, partners, colleagues or suppliers. Our first issue, entitled “uLearning”, collected opinions and experiences and try to provide a “state of the art ‘in online training solutions. If you have not already, remember you can download it from here.

But our goal was not simply write a document as experts, but further discussion and learning with our main partners: our customers. This organized in the week of 5/11 in Bogota and in the 12/11 in Peru a series of breakfast meetings and conferences with leading companies in both countries. Dozens of people attended these events in which we discuss and contrast opinions, participate and share beyond our immediate realities.

The result has been tremendously rewarding for Overlap and we want to believe, judging from your comments, that also for you; so we want to thank all the participants and especially and as we promised, we continue talking.

From now on we invite you generate debate and opinion. All that is left in our heads or on our computers, tablets or smartphones is like does´nt exist. Share what you know, what interests you and what you’re worried you’ll get answers, but mostly new questions and perspectives.

We’re all ears.

BRING. OPINE. Tell us more.

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