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Breakfast with customers in Mexico on Gamification in Business

Our customers in Mexico had enjoyed a breakfast meeting to discuss the Gamification in Business . Even if it is a trendy word or methodology (It seems that projects will not work out if they are not “gamified”), in the business context gamification is more than a game or a playful environment where to perform the aimed activities. Gamification in business is an experience that helps:

Improve the productivity of our employees
Get your commitment and responsibility in learning
Achieve and maintain their Engagement
Promote change situations
Open mind to creative thinking and innovation.

Gamification in the enterprise is not just a game to play, but it is to train, improve or develop skills, knowledge and attitudes with a clear focus on individual´s performance, and to achieve the objectives. Therefore, the gamification in the enterprise must be aligned with the strategic objectives and result in clear benefits for business and people.

How do we understand gamification in Overlap?
Gamification is a trend that, according to experts, will lead to a revolution in the way we understand, among other topics, knowledge and learning.
In Overlap we have devised our own definition of gamification, based on our industry experience and our in-depth knowledge of the needs of large international customers.

How do we apply gamification in Overlap for our business solutions?
We propose 3 Keys to Success:

1. Together we design the solution with you, our customers. “Mixed teams work”

• From methodology to build a comprehensive consulting solution that integrates blended gamification in precise parts of the project.
• Through workshops led by our experienced consultants in every sector.
• Achieving high performance mixed work sessions, client-Overlap, setting KPIs to measure.
• To obtain consistent, concrete, adapted results to the reality of every case outlined.

2. We add our experience to every sector of activity with blended multi-methodologies. “Technology as a means, not as an end”
Technology should be a tool to achieve business objectives. Overlap bets on the latest technologies and solutions that also enable us to customize our solutions to each customer profile.

• To Overlap gamification becomes real within the context of a consulting solution aimed at achieving measurable targets, avoiding the concept of game play or adapting the solution to the characteristics of a particular platform.

3. Intervene with guidance, ideas, consultancy or development. “In those parts where experience brings added value”
As a methodological project approach, we apply gamification to certain parts of the solutions or as a conductive thread:

1. Gamifying communication and marketing initiatives for the people involved to understand not only what, but the why of what we do.

2. Turning the workshops into experiences that combine classroom and online, the formal and the informal.

3. Building collaborative environments or gamified communities where you learn and share naturally, making collaboration a habit and the habit a custom.

4. Developing interactive learning games with breadcrumbs to lead the search for solutions individually and thus, reflection and personal experience.

5. Empowering the customers´ living experience: from advergaming campaigns until the gamification of specific phases or even the entire value chain in which it interacts through different means and channels to the customer.

6. Getting improved knowledge management and efficient use of corporate tools, gamifying the UX environments as ERPs, CRMs, documentaries Managers, LMS, Dashboards, etc…

Overlap keeps in mind that gamification is a methodology that can complement or help achieve business objectives, and therefore we use it as an ideal complement:

Change Management Projects, helping the transition to new processes or ways of working.

Development of digital skills in collaborators: gamification helps develop people skills naturally. At the same time it causes cognitive stimulation in the brain and its plasticity increases, achieving a favorable behavior towards the project in people of all generations.

Driving the transformation through games and playful experiences, generating an attitude of acceptance of the challenge and constant innovation in participation.

To summarize, gamification in business is much more than a game … It’s a fun experience aimed at achieving goals or implement strategies within a business framework.

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