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Reflection of John Cotton Dana “If you dare to teach don’t learn” is more alive than ever.

A proactive, dynamic, attitude of search and continuous improvement as essential today, that the educational community faces the exciting challenges arising – especially – of highlights:

Change of paradigm of learning that requires new pedagogical models and education.

• Need of  “go a step ahead” of business to prepare our young people and social evolution.

• Promotion of personal growth with a complete and integrated vision of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions that guide to personal and professional success.

Institutions and industry professionals are in a process of transformation where learning precedence over teaching, students are at the Center and a change is required to “accompany them in the way”.

Change in the role of professionals and the way they face the education strategy, the lines of action. Change in the contents, methods, in interaction with the families and the environment. Change in the involvement of educational agents around the important: students and their development as people for the future.

This new stage, even though it involves some uncertainty, also gives us the opportunity to progress, create, renew, discover and make new roads through:

• The evolution in learning: what is taught, how, why, what and for what is taught, with a focus on the student.

• The redefinition and implementation of new strategies, the institution in general and the training of professionals in particular.

• The educational innovation and implementation of new roles in teaching/non-teaching staff.

Attention to families, involving them in an active way and according to their needs.

Global support for the educational community to confront successfully the evolution/transformation.

The key is to identify the challenges of students, families, executives and professional teams and implement specific solutions according to the challenges, characteristics and needs of each institution.

As Miguel Rojas said: “education is the ball gown to attend the party of life”.

It is worth becoming so “dress” our children and young people – education – is the most appropriate for “your party”, which is his life.

Access to the challenges and SOLUTIONS for the education sector here.

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