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If you are in sales or marketing world, sure will be interested in the tweets from our commercial director, Andres Ríos (@arios_l), about the world of sales. You can identify them with the hashtag #SalesOverlap and find new ideas, proposals and documents every day.

So that you can see what we mean, here you have some of the tweets we publish every day. We support you to debate and we expect your comments! Remember, #SalesOverlap

  • How many conventions of your clients have you gone? If the answer is no … Go get one before December!
  • Always be selling. How to break fears of those who do not want to sell? Analyze Attitude, Aptitude, Knowledge. COACHING 
  • Who sells and who dispatches? Back to the Basics in sales techniques
  • # Sales2.0. Can you use social media to sell more?
  • Sellers, now, not only meet but also generate demand needs
  • Leadership? Commercial or management innovation?
  • How often do you analyze your own business with the eyes of your customer?
  • If you can not smile, do not open a business. This proverb should underpin any selection process 
  • It takes on average only 30% of the purchasing power of customers. Increase your customer contacts. 
  • Tell me how your client questions and tell you how to sell. Ask questions that require high performance customer thinking
  • The lines of action of the seller: Number of Visits, Visit Quality and Customer Mix / products



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