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A model of integral management in networks of dealers

Traditionally, the networks of dealers have been focused exclusively on two business areas: sales, and post-sales. In addition, both units functioned as watertight compartments, with a relationship that is not based on homogeneous processes; and not developing in all their amplitude the value chain that involves the sale of a vehicle.

However today, the greater complexity of the market (number of competitors), multiplication of customer profiles, and the greater importance of the satisfaction and loyalty of customers as a differentiator, make the management model in the network of dealers to be integrated in processes of work uniform.

Already talked about no more than two units of business, if not six: new vehicles, used vehicles, wholesale companies, service and spare parts. A correct development and integration of all of these areas will allow the dealer networks:

-Increase sales

-Increase profitability

-Be leaders in customer satisfaction.

-Check the entire customer lifecycle: loyalty

Ultimately, the future of the network of dealers is evolve:

-Selling a product, selling a service.

-Property to disabled.

-Sell to advise.

-Conquer to renew.




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