Trends on Change Management, Neuroscience and Positive Psychology at the 2016 ATD

We invite you to imagine that we are going to hire an employee for a key position, where their new and different perspective of the organization would be valued and probably very necessary in future decision making.

How to Best Get to Know Our Customer

We enter a bar and ask for a beer. The bartender makes us wait, or even worse, attends us rudely. Most probably we won't be coming back to this bar, because as the customers we are, we expect to be treated kindly and efficiently. This is what we pay for.

Video Summary of the "Neurosales" Conference

In the past few days on February 3 and 4, the Neurosales Conference “Neurosales: How to Activate the Customer's On/Off Button” was held in Madrid and Barcelona, respectively, taught by Overlap experts Marcos Abollado and Agustín Marqués.

The Challenges of the Spanish Banking Industry in 2016

Whenever the year starts, it is always full of challenges. Any company assumes the mistakes, achievements, and experience of previous years to consolidate future periods.

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