Our Public's Opinions on Neurosales

We have completed our Neurosales conferences in Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Every day we have gone ahead telling you our customer's feedback and the results have been very positive. Neurosales applies scientific conclusions in Sales.

Neurosales Conference in Peru

We measure customer satisfaction in our Neurosales Conference held in Lima, Peru. It has been a resounding success!

Video Summary of the "Neurosales" Conference

In the past few days on February 3 and 4, the Neurosales Conference “Neurosales: How to Activate the Customer's On/Off Button” was held in Madrid and Barcelona, respectively, taught by Overlap experts Marcos Abollado and Agustín Marqués.

The Challenges of the Spanish Banking Industry in 2016

Whenever the year starts, it is always full of challenges. Any company assumes the mistakes, achievements, and experience of previous years to consolidate future periods.

"Equipos y Talento" Magazine Interview on Neurosales

Neurosales is a discipline that translates the findings of neuroscience in practical and applicable tips to the business and sales relationship with customers.

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